Cycling Coat


Given that I commute to school via bicycle, I wanted to design a flannel that would not only keep me warm and stylish, but also improve visibility by adding reflective patches to help cars see me.

Design process

I began my design process by examining some of my favorite flannels and taking measurements. I used these measurements to create patterns for my own design.

Next, I created 2 fit prototypes out of cheap fabrics before attempting the current design. After assembling each prototype I tried it on and examined the fit, and made changes to the pattern. These fit prototypes helped me create a pattern that fit me best, and move elements like the elbow patches to the correct position.

Next, I constructed a garment from nicer fabrics, including the reflective fabric and a heavy woven cotton fabric with a fun pattern.

I have been commuting in this garment and am very pleased with the comfort, warmth, style, and increased visibility that it provides.